Spotlight on: Author Randy Sarafan @ World Maker Faire 2010

As you may have guessed from yesterday’s post about Allen Kurzweil’s tubular science experiments, Maker Faire certainly brought out the little (or big!) geek in all of us. The range of “makers” was impressive. While robots frolicked on the pavement, burgeoning yarn-bombers learned to knit at Lion Brand Yarn. A PopSci Fireball Gun roared with flames at the push of a button, while the editors of Martha Stewart Living constructed enormous plaster dinosaur bones. Everywhere exhibitors and participants were bombarded with a fusion of science and art.

Randy Sarafan strums sweet melodies on the Gamer Guitar (project #47).

It’s fitting, then, that we had Randy Sarafan and his book 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer, a celebration of tech and craft, nearby all weekend. Though he was a permanent fixture at his own Instructables booth, Randy stopped by Workman’s “Camp Make” to sign autographs and wow crowds with the creative projects in his book.

His sidekick, the lovable Squiggle Bot, also graced us with his artistic presence. Kids of all ages–yes, even some of our staff–enjoyed creating Squiggle Bot art (each one is unique!). Budding techno-crafters could take home their artistic creations, proudly stamped with an official Dead Computer rubber stamp, along with instructions on how to make their own squiggling doodler out of a computer fan, a battery, four markers, and googly eyes, of course.

The Squiggle Bot eyes his masterpiece.

If you’re now inspired to do something productive with the turquoise iMac that’s collecting dust in the recesses of your closet, definitely turn to the book for further instruction. My personal favorite is the Music Monster, project #43–a furry little guy with the eyes of a speaker and the mouth of a (functioning) CD player!

Be sure to check out the press accolades and blog tutorials that honored Randy and his artfully scientific projects after Maker Faire wrapped up! And stay tuned for even more Maker Faire highlights next week, as we feature Noel MacNeal’s 10-Minute Puppets, Megan Nicolay of Generation T, and more!

Dead Computer stickers: the pinnacle of Maker Faire fashion.

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