Leprechaun Yourself!

It’s like Elf Yourself, but with puppets. And a leprechaun. And it’s easy-peasy!

1. Download the “Puppet Called You” template from 10-Minute Puppets by Noel MacNeal.

2. Color in the body. Glue the template to a piece of lightweight cardboard (a file folder or empty cereal box work well) and cut around the edges.

3. Print out a photo of yourself (I chose 10-Minute Puppets author Noel MacNeal), with the face about 2 .5″ to 3″ wide. Cut out only the head and glue it onto the body.

4. Tape a chopstick or straw along the back of one leg to use as a handle.

5. Now run along and find your pot o’ gold!

Author Noel MacNeal, as leprechaun:

Fun fact: The author of this post once leprechauned herself in real life for the photoshoot for The Halloween Handbook, proving that leprechauns come in all sizes.

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