When Parents Text, “Just Got My Rack Adjusted…” Plus, a Book Giveaway!

We get a little giddy around here when books we’ve spent the last many months making finally arrive in the office in our hot little hands! And the book that arrived on my desk today, edited by my colleague Bruce, is When Parents Text: So Much Said…So Little Understood (based on the popular website of the same name). It’s fascinating. And you don’t have to be a prolific texter to appreciate the affectionate exchanges.

My mom, actually,  is a prolific texter–the second she got an “enV3” with the handy, slide-out keypad, I was inundated. No warning, just one afternoon texts started to pile in to the inbox. Two months ago, she upgraded to an iPhone, and the steady stream has only increased. Impressed and proud (and, okay, a little shamed that my mom’s shooting around photos and texts like a young wizard with a wand, while I’m still tap-tap-tapping out pathetically short responses like “ok” on my 5-year-old flip phone), I struggle to keep up. And yet, we still have our fair share of energetic texting interludes.

Here’s a bonus one, not in the book, since it’s an exchange that happened just two weeks ago, between my mom and my sister (while my sister and I were riding the bus home together):

Mom: Just got my rack adjusted. Good thing I went back. It was not installed correctly at all.

Sister: Oh good!!! Thank goodness they fixed it!

And yes, I was the daughter who, nosily reading over my sister’s shoulder, asked, “What’s wrong with Mom’s chest?” Yeah, it was the roof rack on her car, people. Then my sister outed me:

Sister: Megan thought you meant your chest.

Mom: Ha! That could use some work, too.

So, this weekend my husband bought me an iPhone for my birthday, and now that I’ve reached my own technology 2.0 status, and this mother-daughter team is unified by iPhone, watch out! The sky (and all those satellites up there delivering our messages) is the limit!

To celebrate, I’m giving away my advance copy of When Parents Text! To win, leave your own personal favorite “when parents text” moment in the comments either here on the blog or over on the Workman Facebook page before noon EST tomorrow (August 10, 2011) and we’ll select a winner at random. In the meantime, happy texting!

P.S. I took the photo of this book with my iPhone. Leaps and bounds!

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