How to Actually Use That Gadget You Got For Christmas

Were you one of the millions out there who were lucky enough to get an e-reader this holiday season?  Or maybe you’ve resolved that 2012 is the year you finally figure out what for Twitter, Facebook, and Skype are all about.  Is This Thing On? A Computer Handbook for Late Bloomers, Technophobes, and the Kicking & Screaming is a guidebook for all things tech, designed for people who might be more comfortable dialing on a rotary phone rather than the iPhone’s touch screen.  And now it’s been revised to include not just computers, e-mail, and web surfing, but the next phase of gadgets: Kindles, Nooks, iPads, smartphones, not to mention the wide world of social networking.  Want to get started?  Follow author Abby Stokes on Twitter, and visit her website here.

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