Take My Advice: Don’t Drink the Punch! College 101, Workman-Style

I should warn: This is a bit of a selfish blog post. Seeing as I will be starting college this fall, I have been gathering as much information as I can about classes, activities, social life, etc. Unfortunately, this means that I spend an unhealthy amount of time on College Confidential and Rate My Professor. This obsession is also why a book entitled College in a Nutskull caught my eye while I was perusing the book room a few days ago. If you’re not familiar with this book, it is essentially a compilation of hilarious factual errors and is quite simply, sublime.

As funny as this book is, I had expected a how-to book and was surprised when it turned out not to be. So I figured, why not seek how-to advice about college from Workman people? The following is a short list of great advice. You may not be in college anymore but hopefully you find this pertinent to some aspect of your life (for example, knowing how to do laundry is very important).

Some wise nuggets:

Study what you love, not what you think you should study.
The first semester doesn’t determine your entire college experience.
Make friends who are 21.
Sit around and talk to people as much as possible.
Lock your computer.
Don’t drink the punch!
Don’t room with a friend.
Research your professors.
Pay attention to how you’re growing as a person.
Make mistakes.
Go to as many events as you can.
Don’t tie yourself down to any one group.
Find a study place, and stick to it.
Learn to cook.
Learn how to do laundry.
Buy used books. Sell them.
Read classics.
Study abroad.
Wear shower shoes.
Try to expose yourself to everything you can without overwhelming yourself.
Above all else, enjoy it!

I think anyone would agree—this is sound advice. Workman people must be pretty smart!

Also recommended to me for my college transition were The College Cookbook  and The Girl’s Guide to Absolutely Everything, which may conveniently go missing right around the time I leave Workman for school this fall…

 -Zatio (Rising Frosh)


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