We have a winner: Just Ride (a Brand New Bike)!

Last week in the Workman offices, Peter Workman had the pleasure of congratulating Becky Anderson, of Anderson’s Book Shop in Naperville, Illinois for winning our Rivendell bike giveaway celebrating Just Ride by Grant Petersen. Ms. Anderson won her choice of a Sam Hillborn or a Betty Foy bicycle from Rivendell Bicycle Works (this fine specimen below is just a placeholder until she gets her shiny new pedals underfoot!).

If any of you book sellers are tuning in just now, please take note: We had so much fun with this promotion (hello, Indie bestseller list!), that we’re doing it AGAIN! Get your orders in, booksellers, and you’ll be entered to win bike number two in our giveaway.

So, that happened last week, then this happened this week:

Your bible has just been written. Grant Petersen’s Just Ride is a wonderfully sane, down to earth and frequently funny guide to riding, maintaining, fixing and enjoying your bicycle.”
-Dave Eggers, New York Times Book Review, July 29

It’s one thing to get reviewed by Dave Eggers, but to be an editor’s choice among such notable folks as Cicero and Nabokov, well, we’re quite tickled.

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