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Bird Meets Beer


Beer has long lived in the shadow of wine, playing second fiddle to the Merlots and Chardonnays of the world at many a dinner party, fine restaurant, and casual meal. Fortunately, thanks in part to the growth of the craft beer movement, that attitude is beginning to fade away.

Brussels Sprouts and Beer

“Host a beer party. Call together friends and task them with making a dish and bringing the corresponding beer. This is a great way to try quite a few styles (in moderation) without anyone breaking the bank or slaving too long in the kitchen. Discuss the flavors, and challenge each other on tastes and to explore the pairing. Not everyone will agree, and that’s part of the beauty of beer.”

—From The American Craft Beer Cookbook by John Holl

If you’re interested in showing off your loyalty to the brown sudsy stuff at your Thanksgiving table, you’re in luck—according to author John Holl, beer actually pairs better with food than wine does.

Here are 7 examples of T-Day worthy brews:

Big Sky Montana Trout 
Slayer Wheat Ale
Vienna Lager
Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ 
Sumpin’ Ale
Southern Tier Hop Sun
Stevens Point Nude Beach 
Summer Wheat
Three Floyds Gumballhead
Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat

Plus a few gluten-free options:

Bard’s Tale Gluten Free Beer (GF)
Dogfish Head Tweason’ale (GF)
Lakefront New Grist Gluten Free Beer (GF)
New Planet Gluten Free Beer (GF)

Bottoms up!


The American Craft Beer Cookbook
For more pairings and tips like this, check out The American Craft Beer Cookbook by John Holl—just $4.99 for the holidays!

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