The Great Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Workman’s shelves are full of healthy books–Thinner This Year, The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick, Real Happiness–and this year, the company has been making a special effort to practice what it preaches with a new wellness initiative. Already, Workman wellness-niks have hosted a health fair in our office, held a biometric screening for employees, and arranged a healthy potluck lunch. The latest stage of the initiative has been a scavenger hunt that encourages Workmanites in New York to get out and walk during the day. So far, employees have received 10 photos of mystery locations within walking distance of our offices, along with the instructions to find the spots and take selfies at each one to prove it. So if you’ve notice a rash of publishing employees posing for selfies throughout lower Manhattan, don’t worry, it’s just our wellness initiative at work.

The first 10 locations are below (with 10 still to come), and the goal is to snap selfies at 15 of the 20 by the end of the summer to prove yourself a champion healthy scavenger. You can check out some of the resulting pictures by searching #workmanwellness on Instagram.

Batch 1

find this 1 find this 2 find this 3 find this 4find this 5


Batch 2

Find This 1 - week 2 Find This 2 - week 2 Find This 3 - Week 2 Find this 4 - week 2Find This 5 - Week 2

Recognize any of the locations? Inspired to take a healthy walk of your own? (Who knew selfies could be such an important step on the path to good health?)

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