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Wednesday Cute: Meet the Munchkin Rug Hugger

Today’s installment of Wednesday Cute comes from Workman editorial intern Perry.

Behold, the feline glory that is the Munchkin Rug Hugger.

The Munchkin Rug Hugger, the world's cutest cat

The Munchkin Rug Hugger, the world’s cutest cat

For those you who have not yet stumbled across this adorable creature, the Munchkin is a relatively new breed of cat, having only been recognized  by the International Cat Association in 1995. Its main characteristic is, obviously, it’s stubby little legs. This cute-tastic feature is caused by a dominant genetic mutation. Other than the legs, Munchkin cats are normally proportioned.

Essentially the Munchkin Rug Hugger is the Corgi of cats.



For Comparison

The story of the Munchkin cat starts in 1983 when a Louisiana music teacher found a pregnant stray that she named Blackberry. When Blackberry gave birth to her litter, half of the kittens displayed the short legs of the Munchkin. One of these kittens, named Toulouse, was given to a friend and since he was un-neutered and allowed to run free outside, a population of stubby-legged strays started popping up around town. Think of Toulouse as the Atilla the Hun of Munchkins.

Munchkin booty

Munchkin booty

Munchkins have been cross bred with many different breeds (all of which have hilariously adorable names, like the Napoleon and the Bambino), rendering it possible to get your favorite kind of cat in an even cuter package!


I’ve decided to name this kitten Butterball

All in all, the Munchkin Rug Hugger is pretty gosh-darn cute! Now good luck going about your day knowing that these little darlings exist 😉

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