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#TravelTuesday: National Sumo Stadium, Tokyo, Japan


Tuesday 11 October 2016

National Sumo Stadium

Ryogoku, Tokyo, Japan

Will Robb/Lonely Planet Images

Will Robb/Lonely Planet Images

The rules of sumo wrestling are simple: Pit two extremely large rikishi (wrestlers, generally over 300 pounds) wearing silk loincloths and elaborate hairdos in a ring against each other, and the one who goes over the boundaries or touches the ground with his body (aside from the soles of his feet) is the loser. Tournaments (called basho) lasting 15 days are held six times a year—three of them in Tokyo (January, May, and September), with matches between newcomers beginning in early afternoon and top-ranked ozeki and yokozuna (grand champions) competing later in the day. Tokyo tournaments are held in the National Sumo Stadium (Kokugikan) in Ryogoku. Some of the training stables (heya) are situated near the Kokugikan, and visits can be arranged via the Tokyo Tourist Information Center (TIC).

Nihon Sumo Kyokai Ticket Sales Office: Tel 81/3-3622-1100. TIC Tokyo: Tel 81/3-5321-3077.

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