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New Year’s Resolution: Laugh More (with Sandra Boynton)

This Year, Resolve to Laugh More! It’s Good for You!


Laughter really might be the best medicine. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter is an effective stress reliever and it’s good for your health, offering both short-term benefits, such as soothing tension, and long-term effects, including improving your immune system.

So why not make LAUGH MORE your New Year’s resolution for 2017?

The best news of all, if you’re feeling pessimistic: Humor can be learned. The experts at The Mayo Clinic suggest developing your sense of humor by immersing yourself in funny material; surrounding yourself with witty photos or comics that make you laugh can actually hone your sense of humor and improve your health.


One of America’s best-loved cartoonists, Sandra Boynton—the wit behind the famous “Hippo Birdie Two Ewes” birthday card and a host of beloved children’s books like Barnyard Dance—offers a daily dose of laughter in a line of 2017 calendars. New this year: 365 Startling Days of Boynton, a Page-a-Day calendar featuring a Boynton cartoon for every day of the year, including essential but underpublicized holidays to celebrate with a smile, such as Static Electricity Day and Penguin Awareness Day. The calendar sits on your desk or kitchen counter and greets each new day with a dose of clever humor.


Or put some Boynton humor on your wall with A Zesty Year of Boynton, with twelve wry, exuberant drawings and a free unexplained chicken for every month . . .  just for the fun of it.

See more from Sandra Boynton here to get your New Year started right.

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