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6 Groceries to Buy Every Week

As the new year begins, you’re likely drowning in advice on everything you need to stop doing/eating/drinking immediately. So, we’re taking a different approach. Instead of focusing on all the things you want to cut out of your life this year, we suggest you focus on the positive. Resolve to make simple changes that will make a real difference long-term, like this weekly shopping list, excerpted from The New Health Rules.

6 Groceries to Buy Every Week

  1. Dark leafy greens are more nutritious, calorie for calorie, than any other food.
  2. Cruciferous veggies lower the risk of cancer.
  3. Avocados help protect your body from heart disease, cancer, and certain degenerative diseases.
  4. Blueberries help prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ulcers, and high blood pressure.
  5. Eggs are full of protein and good fats.
  6. Walnuts are packed with omega-3s and other nutrients that help protect your heart.

Excerpted from Frank Lipman, M.D. & Danielle Claro’s The New Health Rules.


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