Food & Drink

Super Bowl Party Checklist

Having some friends over to watch the game this weekend? Now all you need are a few party essentials (yes, chips are included!), and you’ll be ready for action.

Snacks. Fans can’t live on meals alone. Make sure you’ve got a nice mix of chips, dip, and lighter fare like popcorn or crudités.

Ice. We’re always forgetting the ice! Let’s not make the same mistake this time, folks.

Bottle openers. Just accept that your single bottle opener will always be inconveniently lost in the middle of the party. Stock up on a few cheap ones, and the problem is solved

Napkins. Whether you’re going the wing route or the nacho route or the more civilized steak route, you’re going to need some extra napkins. (Another item we’re always forgetting to stock up on.)

Décor. Some people do themed décor, others not so much. For ideas and ready-to-buy party swag, check out the Super Bowl goods on Etsy, or ready-to-create kits like this one from Darby Smart.