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Brooke Barker on Creativity

Brooke Barker, co-creator of the It’s Different Every Day calendar and author of Sad Animal Facts, illustrates the strength of creativity.

If someone were handing out superpowers, creativity is probably the one that would would be picked last. But as someone who’s been picked last for lots of things, I can tell you that creativity is a superpower that really comes in handy. 

You don’t need much to be creative; all you need is a pen and paper. If you don’t have paper you can write on your arms. And if you don’t have a pen or paper, but you’re creative, you can probably figure something out.

About Brooke’s Calendar:

Every day is different—so why not have a calendar that’s different every day, too? Make 2017 a year of adventure with this new one-of-a-kind calendar full of random oddments to make you wonder, laugh, reflect, and engage the world around you—every day!

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