Luck of the Bookish

While the probability of spotting a leprechaun or a four-leaf clover isn’t that high, all of us at Workman HQ feel lucky every day because we get to work with BOOKS and tons of creative people.

A little extra fortune wouldn’t hurt any of us on St. Patrick’s Day, though, so we asked some of our kid lit authors about their lucky charms. We ended up learning a lot about the different kinds of luck.

Marty Bruckner
author of I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY BUTT: An Illustrated Book of Big Thoughts from Little Kids

“Right before [my artwork as] Spaghetti Toes went viral, my brother-in-law gave me a real horseshoe from his parent’s farm. Backstory: When my wife, Michelle, and I were in Amsterdam for our honeymoon, we bought a horseshoe at an old market and we use it for our key hook. My brother-in-law always thought it was cool, so he gave us one from his farm.

The next week our lives changed after Spaghetti Toes started to go crazy. So the horseshoe that he gave us now sits right in the middle of our dining room table and is never moved. If I ever need a boost I go by and touch it. It doesn’t always work but it’s a little thing I do.”

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Gordon Grice
author of Cabinet of Curiosities: Collecting and Understanding the Wonders of the Natural World

“I got lucky the day I learned to pay attention—not necessarily to what people tell me, but to what the world shows me. My special charm for getting there is a magnifying glass. It makes everything in the world fascinating. I only have to look closely enough. Who knew grasshoppers have five eyes? Who knew the underside of a maple leaf hosts hidden colonies of fungi? And then there’s the skin on the back of my hand—smooth at a glance, but under the glass, it’s a network of triangles and rhombuses. The worlds within a seashell, a pine cone, or a spider’s strand—I’ve been lucky enough to see them all with the help of my magnifier.”

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Karen Rivers
author of Love, Ish

“Look, I want to tell you that being lucky is one thing, just one ingredient, a simple token you can find—a cricket; a four-leafed clover; the right snap of a wishbone; putting a found penny into your left shoe. But I’m a lucky person and I know differently.” (Read more on Karen’s look at luck here.)

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