Ebook Deals 6/24/17

Ebook Deals

Fresh Fish

by Jennifer Trainer Thompson

More and more people want to add fish to their diets—it’s good for you, and a fish dinner can be on the table in minutes—but many are unsure how to handle the cooking. New England-based cookbook author Jennifer Trainer Thompson takes the fear out of cooking fish with her simple but delicious recipes for baking, pan-frying, and grilling fish fillets, whole fish, clams, shrimp, lobster, calamari, and more. Her easy invitation to enjoying fresh Atlantic seafood will make confident cooks of all interested fish lovers.

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Promo ends 6/30/2017

CloneBrews, 2nd Edition

by Tess and Mark Szamatulski

Enjoy home brews that taste just like the commercial brands you love to drink. Mark and Tess Szamatulski have spent years perfecting 200 recipes for popular ales, lagers, and specialty beers, and now you can make them all at home. Tested and retested, tasted and retasted, these recipes deliver the flavors you crave. Brew great beers like Brooklyn Summer Ale, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, Razor Edge Lager, And 190 more!

$1.99 $15.95

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Gluten-Free Family Favorites

by Kelli Bronski

Cooking and sharing meals is something every family should be able to enjoy together—even if one or more family members eats gluten-free. If your household is avoiding gluten, this book will lead the way to recreating your family’s old favorites, and introduce you to a few new ones, too! Gluten-Free Family Favorites teaches the ins and outs of a gluten-free diet, including how to maintain a gluten-free kitchen, avoid cross-contamination, reduce the higher grocery bills that can come with a gluten-free diet, and empower children to select and prepare food for themselves.

$1.99 $15.95
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Promo ends 6/30/2017

Terrarium Craft

by Amy Bryant Aiello and Kate Bryant

A terrarium is nothing less than a miniature world—one that you can create yourself. It might be a tiny rainforest, with lush foliage and bright tropical flowers. Or a desert, with strange succulents planted among colorful stones. If you’ve always wanted to have a bit of nature in your own home, without the worry and labor of a garden, this book will show you exactly how to create your own unique, enchanting world inside a terrarium.

$3.99 $17.95
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Promo ends 6/26/2017

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