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Summer Reading Staff Recs

With so many wonderful books around, we wondered what Workman staffers are actually reading this summer. Here are a few of the titles our employees can’t stop recommending. May your summer be filled with dreamy, lazy days, and tons of excellent books, of course!

In the Company of Women

by Grace Bonney

I love dipping in and out of In The Company of Women, not just for the crazy-inspiring career advice, but for the variety of wisdom that comes with living a creative life. Plus, the photos are absolutely gorgeous and surprising in a way that keeps you turning the page for just one more.
—Rachael Mt. Pleasant

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When the English Fall

by David Williams

My new favorite summer read is When the English Fall by David Williams, on sale July 11. A thoughtful and contemplative debut about a catastrophic event that knocks out all the electricity and destroys life as we know it. Twist: it’s told through journal entries of an Amish man and really focuses on how a peaceable community must deal with the changes to their society when violence invades their self-sufficient world. A July LibraryReads pick, too!
—Annie Mazes

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Atlas Obscura

by Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras, and Ella Morton

Call me shallow, but my ideal summer reading is often more transporting than intellectually challenging. Good news: Atlas Obscura is a bit of both. Pick it up anywhere, and be taken to one of the world’s most glorious hidden spots. Talk about transporting! But this is a book that also makes us think—about the fragility and beauty and wonder of this planet we call home.
—Susan Bolotin

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Adventure Cats

by Laura J. Moss

I recommend Adventure Cats. Summer is the perfect time to venture outdoors–with a cat in tow! The book is chock full of beautiful photographs that will inspire readers—and their feline friends—to get active in nature, whether it’s hiking, camping, surfing, or sailing. Plus, the book busts outdated stereotypes about what cats can do and what cat owners are like.
—Evan Griffith

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