How to Create a Mysterious Smell from Frightlopedia

A Halloween Prank for Kids: Make a Mysterious and Spooky Smell for Halloween

Add a strange scent to your ghost noises to make your house seem even more haunted.

Haunted House

What You Need

A paper towel


A small paper or plastic cup or an empty 6- or 8-ounce yogurt cup

What You Do

Prepare the haunting

1. Tear the paper towel in half and fold one piece so you have a square about 3 inches across.

2. Spray the folded towel with perfume until it’s pretty saturated but not soaking wet.

3. Put it in the cup.

Do the haunting

1. When you hide your ghost phone, hide the cup with the scented paper towel in it at the same time.

2. When your ghost phone starts ringing, look in the hiding place as if you are searching for a ghost. Then say to your victim, “Do you smell something strange?

You know, ghosts sometimes produce a smell. This is really creepy. Now we have this weird sound and a mysterious smell. I’m getting out of here!”

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