It’s Pi Day!

Sandra Boynton's piggie knows how to celebrate with style.

Sandra Boynton’s piggie knows how to celebrate with style.

You guys, it’s finally here! The most beautiful, mathematical time of the year: March 14th (3.14), otherwise known in the coolest circles* as Pi Day. Extra fun fact about this year? The date, 3.14.13, is also a palindrome. (We know. Mind blown.)

On this geekiest of holidays, fans of constant numbers like pi (which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter**), celebrate the awesomeness of this magical number in, well, lots of different ways. Since we here at Workman love learning, math, and celebrations of all kinds, we’ve got some suggestions for how you can honor this very special day.

  • Those of you who down-right love math can take a page out of Sean Connolly’s The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math and solve some of the most entertaining word problems ever (seriously). You want math-based stories about vampires, zombies, spy missions, and evil, scheming dukes who force you to play a do-or-die version of Let’s Make a Deal? Of course you do! Well, this book has got ’em.
  • For the competitive, but less mathematically inclined, why not head over to RecordSetter and set (or create) a new world record involving pi? We just know one of you wants to take on the “Most Digits Of Pi Recited While Blindfolded And Spinning A Dreidel” record.
  • Or, you can, as some of us have done in years past, enjoy a slice of pie. Delicious and thematically appropriate.

Now get out there and do something pi(e)-themed!


* Pun totally intended.
** But we’re sure you already knew that, you geniuses you.

Perilous MathRecordSetter

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