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How to Give a Full-Body Massage

Excerpted from Stephanie L. Tourles’ Making Love Potions

Touch is the oldest and truest form of communication. And in my opinion, there’s no better way to show someone you love them than with a romantic massage. If you’ve had some basic training in massage therapy, that’s great, but it’s not vital, as long as you observe some simple principles.

Dim the lights. Make it easy for your partner to totally relax and drift off if he or she wishes. Lighting should be soft and indirect. Candlelight sets a romantic mood, as does working in darkness with the full moon streaming in through the windows.

Trim your fingernails. Your hands should be as soft and smooth as possible, and this includes having fingernails that are filed neatly and trimmed short enough so as not to scratch your partner’s skin.

Suggest a warming bath. Your partner may want to take a shower or warm bath before the massage. Warm water relaxes and softens muscle tissue, making the massage even more pleasurable for your partner and easier on your hands, as well.

Warmth is essential, for both the room and your hands. You’re doing all the work, but your partner barely moves; thus he or she may feel chilled when you’re feeling fine or even a bit toasty. Seventy-five degrees is usually comfortable. If your hands tend to be cold, warm them first by immersing them in very warm water for a couple of minutes — simply rubbing your palms together isn’t enough.

Quiet, please. Turn off your phone. Lock the door. Hang up a do not disturb sign. Make sure children and pets have been attended to — this is your special time with no distractions. If you like music, put on something smooth and easy. In an outdoor setting, Mother Nature provides her own soothing sounds.

Find a comfortable platform. Perform massage on a stable, relatively level surface. A bed, a futon cushion, several yoga mats or quilts stacked one atop the other, or a thick rug will work well. Obviously, a massage table works, too. Cover surfaces with soft sheets that you don’t mind getting oily or lightly stained. If outdoors, find a level grassy bit of ground or sandy beach, and smooth over any lumps and grit with a heavy blanket.

Use supportive pillows. If possible, place a pillow under your partner’s knees while massaging the front of the body, and under his or her ankles and tummy while massaging the back.

Scent your surroundings. Many couples use long-burning incense, an aromatherapy diffuser, or a candle to heighten the experience with sensual fragrance. Be careful, though, not to assault the senses, especially if you’re already using an aromatic massage oil.

Be prepared. Have everything on hand before you start. This includes gently warmed massage oil, a large towel to cover the areas not being worked on, two glasses of water, finger food, a few hand towels for cleanup, a robe for your partner, and so on, so that the sensual atmosphere is not disturbed while you scurry off to find something.

Use massage oil correctly. Never pour or squirt massage oil directly onto your partner as it can be a jolting experience. Rather, pour the oil into your palm and gently rub your hands together so that the oil is evenly dispersed; then apply it to your partner’s body. Oiling is a delicious feeling—let your partner relish it!

Keep in touch. All massage movements should blend together in a single, smooth, slow motion. Using the full surface of your hands, keep your fingers together. Touch and stroke as much as possible during the entire massage. When you move from one part of the body to another, always keep one hand on your partner’s body, making the contact seem continuous and a part of the massage. Repeat movements several times, and if your partner really likes something that you’re doing, keep it up for a while longer.

Put your heart into it. The act of massage is intimate and beautiful. Put your heart into what you’re doing and thoroughly enjoy it. It’s beneficial for you as well as your beloved.

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