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Workman’s World Series

The crisp days of autumn may be synonymous with apple harvesting and pumpkin-spiced everything to some, but to others, fall signifies the most hallowed of American sporting showdowns: Major League Baseball’s World Series.

This year, the Chicago Cubs trail the Cleveland Indians two games to three in the best-of-seven championship series—should the Indians win game six, they will become world champs and dash the Cubs’s dreams of breaking their 108-year world series dry spell. Should the Cubs win, the world will await an epic winner-takes-all game seven showdown.

To commemorate the occasion, we have gathered a list of our favorite baseball books.

World Series Game 5


1. The Yogi Book by Yogi Berra

The Yogi Book

Written by Yogi Berra himself, the book commemorates the legendary ball player, manager, and man with his most memorable quotes—and the stories behind them all.

2. Cardboard Gods by Josh Wilker

Cardboard Gods

A nonfictional narrative about growing up in the 1970s, Josh Wilker’s memoir uses baseball (and his own prized baseball card collection) as a backdrop for coming of age in a tumultuous time.

3. Cobb by Al Stump

Written by Al Stump and sourced from his interviews with Ty Cobb from when he was ghostwriting the Hall-of-Famer’s autobiography, Cobb is an unflinching narrative of the storied ball player, and the taciturn, explosive man behind the legend.

4. When the Giants Were Giants by Peter Williams

When the Giants Were Giants

This is the story of a forgotten Giant—the man Baseball Magazine called “baseball’s greatest first baseman” in 1930—Bill Terry. A semipro brought on by the Giants in the 1920s, Bill Terry quickly became a key player for the team, and then became their general manager, leading the Giants to three pennants and a world championship. (Bonus: The book includes an introduction from W.P. Kinsella, author of Shoeless Joe, which became the film Field of Dreams.)

5. Going the Other Way by Billy Bean with Chris Bull
Going the Other Way

From Major League Baseball’s only openly gay former player—and now its first-ever Ambassador for Inclusion—Going the Other Way is the intimate chronicle of a man who, in the prime of his career, had to make a terrible choice between his love of the game and the love of his life. Courageous, impassioned, and inspiring, Bean’s memoir openly tells the story of life as a closeted major league athlete, and his decision to walk away from the game.

6. On the Origins of Sports by Gary Belsky and Neil Fine
On the Origins of Sports

In this illustrated guide, Gary Belsky and Neil Fine detail the history and origins of rules behind some of the the world’s most cherished sports—including baseball.

7. The Baseball Field Guide by Dan Formosa and Paul Hamburger
Baseball Field Guide

For the truly dedicated fan, The Baseball Field Guide is a detailed, illustrated rule book shedding light on every official rule of the game—including rules for coaches and spectators, an explanation of the World Series and the path to the title, and up-to-date changes (e.g. the Buster Posey rule on home plate collisions).

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