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8 Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes

Halloween isn’t just for humans anymore! In fact, pets have us beat by a long-shot on the “cute costume” front. Get your pets in the spirit of the holiday with these great ideas from our friends at Page-A-Day®.

1. Witch

You can’t go wrong with this classic.

Witch Cat Costume

Jingle, Toy Poodle.

2. Pirate

This guy will steal your heart.

Pirate Dog Costume

Ranger, Springer Spaniel.

3. Scarecrow

The most loyal friend around.

Scarecrow Dog Costume

Roxie, Maltese-Yorkie mix.

4. Lion

Show off your pet’s wilder side with this costume.

Lion Cat Costume

Bolt, Mixed breed.

5. Sherlock Holmes

Watch as your pup sniffs around for clues.

Sherlock Dog Costume

Sherlock, Basset hound.

6. Bastet

Bow down to the Egyptian Cat Goddess.

Bastet Cat Costume

Bastet, Egyptian Mau mix.

7. Princess Elsa from Frozen

Can’t hold back THE CUTENESS anymore…

Frozen Cat Costume

Mia, Domestic Mediumhair.

8. Woolly Mammoth

For a look that’s truly one of a kind.

Woolly Mammoth Costume

Batman, Bulldog.


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