Behind the Scenes: Girls’ Guide to Rocking!

rockcoverWhen we arrived at The Girls’ Guide to Rocking cover photo shoot, we were ready to do some serious styling.

To our surprise, 14-year-old model Shayanne walked in already looking like a rock star, with wrist cuffs, pocket chains, and a studded skull belt to boot. We were able to send her right into the first shot without changing a thing–a historic moment!

It’s always a pleasure when a model can connect with a project in terms of style and attitude and jump right in, and that she did. She jumped, and kicked, and screamed, all in the name of rock.

bijoureverePhotographer Gabrielle Revere, who has shot artists such as Avril Lavigne and Carrie Underwood, captured Shayanne’s inner (and outer!) rock star, with her Papillon assistant Bijou by her side.

The shots came out so well that they ended up not only on the cover, but also on the back cover, inside pages, and even on the spine of the book.

Check out The Girls’ Guide to Rocking, in stores later this month!

Click here to read an excerpt from The Girls’ Guide to Rocking.

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