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Chalk Snowflakes

Snowflakes can be the main focus of your winter designs or used as tiny embellishments for interest and balance. The beauty of hand-drawn snowflakes is that no two will ever be the same-just like in nature.


A basic snowflake shape is comprised of six points or three lines converging together.


1. Draw an “X” shape, then draw one more line through the “X.” Thicken these lines as desired.

snowflake 1

2. Add six tiny off-shooting lines to each main line to create a very simple snowflake.

snowflake 2

3. Draw triangles between each main line in the center to connect them.

snowflake 3


Now, let’s take this main concept and draw it in a different, bolder way.


1. Instead of thin main lines, create thick lines that come to a point on the ends. Add two off-shooting lines at each point, making these thick as well.

thick snowflake 1

2. Connect the lines in the center with triangles as we did before, but this time, lightly fill in the space and draw thin lines branching off of each triangle point.

thick snowflake 2

3. Continue adding intricacies by drawing tiny offshooting lines in the center and another connecting string of triangles.

thick snowflake 3

Excerpted from The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering by Valeria McKeehan. Copyright © 2015. Photographs by Lily & Val, LLC.

The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering

by Valeria McKeehan

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