Indestructibles: Baby Beach Reading

indestruct2Everyone loves a juicy beach book—including the very youngest book fans. But while mom and dad might seek a twisting plot or an island setting for their beach reads, babies just want a book that can stand up to the way they read: with their mouths! Our suggestion for baby beach reading: Indestructibles.

The books in this series are bright picture books made just for babies, printed on tear-proof and drool-proof material, so they can stand up to a baby’s crumpling fists and curious mouth. Even more, they can handle gentle waves, sand, and even a dollop of thick baby sunscreen. These books can be washed—just rinse them in the sink!—so they’ll last well beyond summer.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 2.47.11 PMParents like Deanna Niles McConnell love the Indestructibles series as beach-bag favorites; Deanna says “the pages are completely waterproof and can be wiped clean—beach sand falls off and water repels away.” And now there’s a beach-themed Indestructible book that’s perfect for a summer outing: Beach Baby celebrates the fun of a sunny beach day with baby, with charming illustrations and simple words—from seashell to sun hat—that help a baby explore a new and exciting setting.

Parents know taking a baby to the beach can mean toting a lot of gear. Beach Baby and the other Indestructibles books are lightweight, so they’re easy to tuck into a travel diaper bag along with sunscreen, a towel, and a snack.

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