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Lemon Chicken 3 Ways

Now that it’s spring, we’re steering away from heavy flavors and looking to add a little brightness to our meals. With that in mind, here are a few takes on one of our favorite dinner dishes, lemon chicken—from brined and roasted to fried.

Lemon Chicken Recipe Roundup

  • If you have a little prep time, try Floyd Cardoza: Flavorwalla‘s Roasted Citrus-Brined Chicken with Pan-Toasted Croutons. The brining method infuses the chicken with a lemony kick and keeps it moist.
  • Looking for something a bit decadent? Try The Silver Palate Cookbook‘s Lemon Fried Chicken, which guarantees a crisp golden crust and big flavor with the zing of fresh lemon.
  • If you’re in the mood for a classic, family-friendly recipe, try The Mom 100 Cookbook‘s Lemon Chicken, a great take on a simple broiled chicken with delicious lemon sauce (and lots of it).

Happy cooking!

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