Live By the Book: Made By Dad #fathersday

Just (barely) in time for Father’s Day, here’s a Live By the Book style guide inspired by Made By Dad: 67 Blureprints for Making Cool Stuff by Scott Bedford. Scroll down to check out our list of 17 awesome gifts for dad (neckties not included!), including one free downloadable one.

Live By the Book: Made By Dad

FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE: 17 Gift Ideas for Awesome Dads

1. FREE Printable Father’s Day “My Hero” Badge: Just download, print, color in, and cut out!
2. Makey Makey: Only the coolest thing ever. All creative, musical, and engineer minded dads deserve this gift. With just the tiniest bit of coding you can make sounds out of anything. Banana pianos. Video game controllers out of carrots!
3. Baseball Glove Oven Mitt:
This potholder looks just like a broken-in, traditional leather baseball glove! Perfect for the sports fan-chef dad in your life. He’ll feel like you’re catching a pitch so fast that it’s on fire.
FitBit FLEX: From timing a nap to counting calories and steps on a run, this band will help get Dad in motion; he’ll be amazed at how many steps it takes to just chase after the kids.
Custom Guitar Pick: A sweet, personable note for each time he strikes a tune.
6. Pixel Geek Glasses: Fake specs, for the goofy, geeky, gamer father.
7. Protective Eyewear: Safety first! Let your DIY dad know that you care about him–and his eyesight.
8. Zombie Air Shark: Let Dad patrol his man cave or workshop with his very own remote controlled air shark. Just think, it could be Shark Week every week!
9. Skateboard Chair: Is Dad in need of a new workshop seat? Made out of old decks for the skater boy at heart.
10. Mustache Mug: A little more of a classic father’s day gift, quirky and cute, he’ll think of you whenever he takes a sip.
11. Arduino Starter Kit For the mad dad scientist, this is the hobby of the future!
12. Sugru Hacking Putty: From Arduino projects (see above) to creating container seals and marking tools and power plugs, this is like advanced duct tape-only way stronger and more permanent!
13. Handmade Shaving Kit: Let’s (ahem) face it, Dad is the one responsible for sporting the majority of facial hair of the family, let’s get him shaving in style.
14. Beer Making Kit: Tried and true, this gift will have the beer drinking DIY dad giddy as a college kid at a kegger!
15. Bare Conductive Card Kit: Give him a card that will really light up his smile, with this conductive card kit, you’ll learn about basic conductivity through use of conductive paint, LEDs, and simple batteries. A fun educational project to do with the kids!
16. Sharpie Pens: For the dad who wants to make a mark–like this guy.
17. MADE BY DAD: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff: For dads who want to hang with their awesome kids and make cool stuff together.


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