Screaming Red Punch with a Hand from Ghoulish Goodies

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A frozen hand in punch is a Halloween standard because it always looks terrific, even if you have already seen it dozens of times as a child. Use a surgical or thin, disposable latex glove (you can buy them in the housewares department of any big-box store) or even a rubber housework glove. To transfer your frozen hand out of the glove and into the punch bowl intact, you must cut the glove off the palm and each finger with sharp scissors — it will not roll off in one piece.

Screaming Red Punch with a Hand
From Ghoulish Goodies by Sharon Bowers
Storey Publishing, 2009

Makes 1½ gallons, about 24 servings

1 new rubber surgical glove
2 quarts apple juice
2 quarts cranberry juice (cranberry-pomegranate is nice too)
2 liters ginger ale

1. Rinse the glove inside and out several times with cold water to make sure it doesn’t have any powder coating. Fill with water and tie the wrist tightly closed with a twist tie. Freeze solid.

2. Mix the juices and ginger ale in a large punch bowl. Cut the glove carefully off the hand and fingers with a sharp scissors and float the molded hand in the punch.

Excerpted from Ghoulish Goodies by Sharon Bowers © 2009
Photographs © Kevin Kennefick, Illustrations © Michael Slack, Food Styling by Norma Miller.
Used with permission from Storey Publishing

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