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Appointing a Guardian for a Child

Appointing a Guardian for a Child

How to Pick a Guardian

Take control of the unknown in a small way by designating a trusted adult as your child’s guardian. Appointing a guardian for a child is one of the many tips in the ultimate guide to modern estate planning, In Case You Get Hit By A Bus. Planning for the unexpected means peace of mind for children, parents, and families.

Excerpted from In Case You Get Hit by a Bus by Abby Schbeiderman and Adam Seifer, Founders of Everplans, with Gene Newman. Copyright © 2020 by Abby Schneiderman, Adam Seifer, and Gene Newman.

As for picking the guardian, here are important factors to consider:

Values: Does the guardian share your beliefs, principles, and philosophy of life?

Personality and lifestyle: What kind of person is the guardian, what kind of life do they live, and is it compatible with your child’s personality and interests?

Religious views: Does the guardian share your religious or spiritual views, and will they raise your child accordingly?

Parenting style: If the guardian is already a parent, what is their parenting style like? Is it similar to your own or quite different? Do you think your child would thrive with that type of parenting?

Ability to act as a guardian: Can the guardian handle the responsibilities and duties that come with the job, and do they have the resources necessary to raise your child? Resources may include time, energy, health, financial ability, and emotional wherewithal.

Existing relationship with the child: Do your child and the guardian like each other and have a friendly, healthy relationship?

Location: Does the guardian live near you or far away? Would naming this person require your child to relocate to a new community?


More About In Case You Get Hit by a Bus

coverA step-by-step program for getting your life in order, so you’re prepared for the unexpected.

The odds of getting hit by a bus are 495,000 to 1. But the odds that you’re going to die some day? Exactly.

Even the most disorganized among us can take control of our on- and off-line details so our loved ones won’t have to scramble later. The experts at Everplans, a leading company in digital life planning, make it possible in this essential and easy-to-follow book. Breaking the task down into three levels, from the most urgent (like granting access to passwords), to the technical (creating a manual for the systems in your home), to the nostalgic (assembling a living memory), this clear, step-by-step program not only removes the anxiety and stress from getting your life in order, it’s actually liberating. And deeply satisfying, knowing that you’re leaving the best parting gift imaginable.

When you finish this book, you will have:

  • A system for managing all your passwords and secret codes
  • Organized your money and assets, bills and debts
  • A complete understanding of all the medical directives and legal documents you need––including Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Trusts
  • A plan for meaningful photos, recipes, and family heirlooms
  • Records of your personal history, interests, beliefs, and life lessons
  • An instruction manual for your home and vehicles
  • Your funeral planned and obituary written (if you’re up for it)

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