April Staff Picks

At Workman, we have just as much love for our older titles as the ones coming out this month. So we decided to start a new monthly feature highlighting the all-time favorites of our staff. Here are 4 evergreen titles we recommend year in and year out.

Colossal Paper Machines

by Phil Conigliaro, text by Theo Baker

“This was one of the first projects I got to edit. It represents all the things I love about a Workman book: bold design, substantive and useful information on an interesting topic, and an interactive format.”

–Daniel Nayeri

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The Garden Primer

by Barbara Damrosch

“When I got my first job as an estate gardener I felt like I had already forgotten half of what I learned in school. Barbara was always there for a quick reminder on how to fertilize, prune, or plant something.”

–Andrew Beckman

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Stonehenge: A New Understanding

by Mike Parker Pearson


“My wife and I spent a remarkable, drizzly Wednesday at Stonehenge in early 2001, where we found ourselves in the unusual circumstance of being alone with the stones. (The few other people who had been there left at the first drops.) The entire area resonated with a mysterious timeless feeling that we perhaps would not have otherwise felt should there have been the usual droves of tourists present. As leader of the most recent seven-year archaeological survey at Stonehenge, Professor Pearson allows the reader to join him during the excavation, providing a real-time exploration of his team’s discoveries and throwing open our knowledge of such a special place and the people who created it, which in turn deepened and expanded my own experience and memory of that amazing day.”

–Kevin Peters

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Mad Hungry

by Lucinda Scala Quinn

“It is the most-used cookbook in my house.”

–Kathyrn Juergens

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