Dispatches from Toy Fair 2012

In addition to the Westminster Dog Show and the Dog Writers Association Awards (what a busy week!), this week also brought the 2012 Toy Fair to New York City. Yes, the Toy Fair is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a big room full of toy-makers, toy-sellers, toy-buyers, and toy-enthusiasts, sharing their products and ideas. There were board games and building blocks and bicycles and even some books—a real wonderland for anyone who likes to have fun.

Workman was there to represent our numerous kids’ books, but the star of the hour was BrainQuest, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! Below are some photo highlights of the event.

big Brain Quest decks

The biggest BrainQuest decks ever! Fun to be smart indeed.

Brain Quest van

Honk if you love BrainQuest!

Avery and an enormous minifigure

Me realizing my dream of meeting a LEGO minifigure (or maybe “maxifigure” is more appropriate).

An awesome “Bananagrams” book and calendar display at the Bananagrams booth.

Where's Waldo?

Can you spot Waldo in this enormous mural?

—Avery, who wishes every day was Toy Fair day


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