Oil and Water Don’t Mix.

If the latest news about the failed junk shot makes you want to top kill somebody, and sliming the nearest BP sign feels like an empty gesture (someone already beat you to it anyway), consider supporting the efforts of our neighbor and longtime licensing partner, Audubon:

Dear Friends:

One month after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig, oil continues to spew into the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  The spill now covers 2,500 square miles, with oil coming ashore in Louisiana and Mississippi. Additionally, it is feared that the loop current could carry the oil up the Atlantic Coast. Whatever happens, it’s clear that response and recovery will require long-term commitment.

Over 13,000 Audubon volunteers remain in place across the region to assist with emergency and long-term response plans. While many have expressed frustration at not being able to immediately mitigate the effects of the spill, there are things you can do to help us. Your support will help Audubon’s efforts in the arduous long term cleaning and restoration efforts that will surely be required. In addition, you can voice your concerns about the perils of drilling in sensitive habitats like the fragile Arctic Sea. Closer to home, you can create healthy habitat for birds wherever you are. Many of the birds that migrate through the Gulf Coast nest and raise their young farther north—and throughout the U.S.

Together, we can take actions that represent the conscience of a deeply concerned nation. Your support for Audubon’s efforts will make a difference. If you are interested in making a contribution to Audubon, please visit our website at Thank you so much.

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