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Patriotic Washi Tape Nail Art

We love the washi tape manicure in Amy Anderson’s Washi Tape Crafts for everyday nails, but these Pinterest posts inspired us to try our hand at a patriotic version for the Fourth of July. Just purchase star-spangled washi tape (available at your local craft store or online via craft resource Darby Smart) and follow these steps for the most festive, chip-free nails around.


Kamoi Nails © CosmOpinie


Patriotic Washi Tape Nails ©

Patriotic Washi Tape Nails ©

Washi Tape Nails

Print Recipe


  • Clear nail polish base coat
  • Washi tape
  • Pencil
  • Mini scissors or craft knife and self-healing cutting mat
  • Wax paper
  • Clear nail polish top coat
  • Mini punch, for making 1∕4" dots or other shapes (optional)



Make sure your nails are clean and dry, then paint them with a base coat and let them dry completely.


Tear off a piece of washi tape and press it over your nail. With a pencil, trace along the edge of your nail to make an impression on the tape.


Peel the washi tape piece off your nail and carefully cut out the traced shape using scissors or the craft knife.


Press the tape back onto your fingernail, smooth it down, and add


a top coat over the tape. Let it dry. Optional: Press a length of washi tape in a complementary color or pattern onto wax paper and punch out shapes. Then peel the washi-taped shape off the wax paper and press it onto the nail design before adding a top coat.


Repeat Steps 2 through 4 on each of your fingernails.


Add a second top coat over each fingernail design and let it dry completely.

patriotic washi tape nail art

For more washi tape projects, check out Washi Tape Crafts by Amy Anderson, as well as many other washi tape ideas over on Darby Smart!

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