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Creative Upcycling Ideas for Page-A-Day Calendars

Give Last Year’s Page-A-Day Calendar Holder a New Life with these Upcycling Ideas

Workman’s iconic Page-A-Day Gallery Calendars are a fun, bright addition to any desk, cubicle, nightstand, or countertop. Our calendars offer something for everyone, whether you’re an animal lover or a world traveler.

As the year comes to a close, and you’re getting ready to open next year’s calendar, we are offering you eight simple, creative upcycling ideas for your Lucite calendar holders so that they can continue to bring you joy into next year and beyond!

1. Prop up your tablet or smartphone while you research recipes, watch TV, and make video calls.

Our holders are the perfect size for any small tablet or smartphone. Next time you’re researching a recipe, watching TV, or just browsing online, you can conveniently prop up your device.

And if you want to make a hands-free video call using FaceTime or Skype, rest your tablet or smartphone in the holder, sit back, and chat.

2. Use washi tape to create a DIY photo frame.

Washi tape, a type of paper tape that originates in Japan, is a craft staple. Available in myriad colors and patterns, you can use it to upcycle your holder into a pretty picture frame. Stick the tape in a border pattern around the holder and voila—you have a lovely frame to give someone or to display your favorite snapshots.

3. Create a rotating picture frame.

Another great upcycling idea is using your holder as a frame for an ever-changing gallery of favorite pictures. Select a handful of photos and rotate through them each day as you would with calendar pages. You can even reuse your favorite calendar pages from previous years by simply cutting off the date at the top.