Remembering America’s Heroes

Paul J. Wiedorfer, who died last Wednesday at 89, was a 23-year-old Army private when he charged German machine-gun nests on Christmas Day 1944 and saved his company from a deadly ambush. This incredible feat of courage earned Mr. Wiedorfer the Medal of Honor.

This fall, Artisan Books, a division of Workman Publishing, will release the third edition of Medal of Honor, a book  that celebrates the nation’s highest military honor and its living recipients. Updated to coincide with the medal’s 150th anniversary, the book of 143 incredible tales of bravery and courage—from World War II to the War in Afghanistan—will feature a foreword by NBC news anchor Brian Williams, a letter from every living president, and new essays on the history of the medal.

The stories in this book affectingly chronicle the selflessness and sacrifice of our troops—something all Americans honor on Memorial Day.

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