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#StrongIsTheNewPretty: Kind is Strong

Every week this March, we’re going to be highlighting a theme from Kate T. Parker’s photographic salute to the strength of girls, Strong is the New Pretty. This week, we celebrate the quiet, persistent strength of  kindness.

Kind is Strong

Being kind means showing your humanity, making someone’s day a little brighter, their sorrow and hurt a little less painful. Kind people may not be the loudest ones, but in many ways they’re the strongest, because they lift far more than their own weight: extending their arms for a hug, speaking up for a friend, thinking of another person first, or maintaining patience in a challenging situation.

Think of a time when you were the recipient of a small kindness. The moment that someone performs a caring act for us, we realize how very much it was needed. Whether it’s lacing up a friend’s shoe on the sports field, delivering food or clothes to someone in need, cracking someone up, or offering an encouraging word to someone who’s been working his or her tail off, kindness is giving your strength to others who need it.

Kindness is a quiet but persistent strength that can be contagious, making the hard edges and sharp corners of life a little softer. It is all about action, about making an effort, about doing something or saying something when you see a need.

About the Book

Girls being fearless. Girls being silly. Girls being wild, stubborn, and proud. Girls whose faces are smeared with dirt and lit up with joy. So simple and yet so powerful, Strong Is the New Pretty celebrates, through more than 175 memorable photographs, the strength and spirit of girls being 100% themselves.

Real beauty isn’t about being a certain size, acting a certain way, wearing the right clothes, or having your hair done (or even brushed). Real beauty is about being your authentic self and owning it. Kate T. Parker is a professional photographer who finds the real beauty in girls, capturing it for all the world to see in candid and arresting images.

A celebration, a catalog of spirit in words and smiles, an affirmation of the fact that it’s what’s inside you that counts, Strong Is the New Pretty conveys a powerful message for every girl, for every mother and father of a girl, for every coach and mentor and teacher, for everyone in the village that it takes to raise a strong and self-confident person.

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