The Girls’ Guide to Rocking: Get Your Fries Right!

Books are known to have (or at least promise) the solution to any number of life’s myriad problems. But it’s rare that a book goes so far beyond the promise of its title. And The Girls’ Guide to Rocking is this week’s example, proving that yes, it IS possible for a book to teach you how to start a band, book gigs, and get rolling to rock stardom. Not only that, it’s a true show of value added when you learn that same book can alsorid you of unwanted hair (what?!)…and help you chop your potatoes into perfectly shaped French fries. Bold claims, for sure, and I can only speak for my copy –which happens to be a wiz at getting stains out of anything. (Oh, and I’m currently recording my first hit single.)

In the form of a late night infomercial, here’s the secret to getting your fries right from smart and irreverent The Girls’ Guide to Rocking author Jessica Hopper.

The Girls’ Guide to Rocking ft. Josh of Flosstradamus from Alan Del Rio Ortiz on Vimeo.

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