Curly Girl makeovers at Devachan salon

Workman recently celebrated the forthcoming revised and updated edition of Curly Girl: The Handbook with an event for beauty editors and producers at the Devachan salon in soho.

Co-author Lorraine Massey, who is also a co-owner of the salon and a co-creator of the DevaCurl product line, charmed the audience with her enthusiastic talk about the beauty of wearing your hair the natural way and her simple tips for achieving beautiful curls. Guests enjoyed curly hair makeovers and got a sneak peek at early bound galleys of the book.

Straight to CurlyLorraine In Action


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Available nationwide in January 2011, Curly Girl: The Handbook is the unrivaled bible for everything related to the care, management, and styling of curly hair. Not only is going naturally curly more cost-effective—imagine all the money saved through giving up chemical straightening, flat irons, blow-drying, extensions, wigs, and frequent salon appointments—but it’s also green because a key element of the Curly Girl Method involves forgoing traditional shampoos, which contain harsh, water-polluting sulfates.

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