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My Epic Week!

**Scroll down for downloadables.**

Most of us dread the Sunday Scaries: getting back to reality (and those pesky responsibilities) after the weekend can be daunting. But this is one week we’re excited to tackle head-on, thanks to Mary Kate McDevitt’s Every Day is Epic.

We’re sharing a week’s worth of journaling activities with engaging prompts, upbeat affirmations, and interactive doodles. Chronicle big plans and budding ideas. Jot down daydreams or forecast your mood. Rate the day’s accomplishments: major, minor, or meh? With quirky humor and vibrant illustrations, every entry is a celebration of the adventures, discoveries, and joys that make your life uniquely epic.

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My Epic Week Downloadables

  • Monday: Overhear anything interesting today? Jot it down here.
  • Tuesday: Please draw your current mood. There, feeling better already.
  • Wednesday: No better day for an epic rant than hump day.
  • Thursday: Share your current daydreams. They may be more attainable than you think.
  • Friday We’re handing you an official do-over request form. What will you use it on?

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