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Happy Friday, readers!  Today’s book is part lifestyle guide, part memoir, part business how-to, and all empowerment: #GIRLBOSS! It’s written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder, CEO, and Creative Director of the online shopping store sensation NASTY GAL. The book is bursting with Amoruso’s straight shooting, quick wit and punky attitude, and I found her take on the business world to be refreshing and inspiring.


Sophia Amoruso had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur, and instead began NASTY GAL as an eBay shop when she was broke and bored at her part time job at the front desk of a San Francisco art school. In her book, Amoruso shares how she stayed committed to her eBay store and her customers, her passion for vintage clothes and her unconventional style, and her tips on who and what to focus on when starting your own small (or big) business.

As a young adult and new college student who is interested in business/entrepreneurship and also eager for new work experiences #GIRLBOSS gave me not only strong guidance and great information on both of those things, but also encouraged independence, honesty, courage, and being oneself. Amoruso shares both her mistakes and successes in order to give the most candid and humble advice, and features other “#GirlBosses” who share their tips and anecdotes as well, essentially making this book a collective effort to encourage you to be the best #GIRLBOSS (or #GUYBOSS) you can be.

#GIRLBOSS is an excellent read regardless of whether or not you plan on going into business – it holds lifestyle guidance and inspiration that anyone can use. It’s a book about accessing your potential; taking hold of your dreams and ideas and doing something about them, not letting them sit idle. And by the end, you’ll feel like you can take on anything – because you can!

Read on and stay awesome, bosses!

By: Luriel Balaurea

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