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Washi Tape Paper Party Lanterns

Party decor isn’t always the easiest or cheapest thing to come up with. You can end up spending hundreds of dollars on ambience alone, and that’s before any of the food or favors! But these washi tape paper lanterns are only a few dollars, so you can customize to your heart’s desire.

paper party real


  • Paper lantern(s)
  • Washi tape, in at least 2 coordinating patterns
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • 8″ piece of cardboard
  • Embroidery floss
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle


1. First, create the tassels (one for each lantern). Fold a 3′ strip of washi tape in half lengthwise, adhesive side in. Cut it lengthwise, to make 2 thin strips.

2. Hold the ends of the strips together and wrap them 20 times around the 8″ piece of cardboard, temporarily holding them in place with a piece of tape.

3. Thread a tapestry needle with 12″ of embroidery floss. Thread the needle through the loops of washi tape at one end of the card and tightly tie a knot around the strands. Cut through the strands at the opposite end and remove the bundle from the cardboard.

4. Wrap a piece of washi tape around the tassel about 1″ to 1¼” from the knotted end (the top). Trim the tassel fringe so the strands are even. Set it aside.

5. Unfold the paper lantern and press a length of washi tape vertically from the opening at the top (wrap the end of the tape around the edge to the inside to anchor it) to the opening at the bottom.

6. Repeat Step 5 on the opposite side of the lantern with the same tape (this should visually split the lantern in half along the vertical axis).

7. Press two more lengths of tape halfway between the first two pieces so the four pieces of tape visually split the lantern into quarters.

8. Select a second washi tape pattern and place evenly spaced strips between the four original strips. (Depending on the size of the lantern and the width of the tape, you may add or subtract strips of tape as desired.)

9. Tie the thread attached to the tassel to the wire at the base of the lantern.

10. Repeat to create multiple lanterns.

Excerpted from Amy Anderson’s Washi Tape Crafts.

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