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A National Waffle Day Tribute

waffled s'mores

Pledge allegiance to the waffle iron this National Waffle Day. 

For a long time, I was on the fence about National Waffle Day. Will It Waffle? is about using your waffle iron to make everything except waffles. Doesn’t that make National Waffle Day at odds with everything the book stands for?


And this is why:

I choose to view the “waffle” in National Waffle Day as a call to action. It’s an exhortation to pull those waffle irons out of the cupboard and get waffling. National Waffle Day practically commands you to waffle.

Now, what will you waffle? Here are some ideas from my book.

Blueberry Cinnamon Muffles (Waffled Muffins)

Maybe you’re a novice waffler and the idea of using your waffle iron for lunch or dinner is going to take some time. (Say, the minute or so it takes you to read two recipes down.) Try these waffled muffins for breakfast. Baby steps.

Waffled Hash Browns with Rosemary

Many people have told me that waffling hash browns is the new default method of making hash browns in their households. You can’t ask for a much better endorsement than that.

Green Chile Waffled Quesadillas

I love this recipe because the waffle iron is perfect for the job. What else are you looking for when you make a quesadilla but to have the tortillas and filling brought together quickly with two-sided heat? I’ll tell you what else: melted and crispy cheese. And it’s all here.

Zucchini-Parmesan Flattened Fritters

In many gardens, it’s peak season. Gardeners are hauling away buckets, tubs, and barrels of zucchini, and swearing to themselves that next year is the year they’ll plant just a little less of it. That’s next year. Maybe. For this year, make these fritters.

S’moreffles (Waffled S’mores)

There is little to say about S’moreffles that is not already evident in the name and photo. Waffled. S’mores. Every time I think about this, I have the same reaction that someone probably had right after the wheel was invented: Why did this take so long to become a thing?

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