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Yoga for When I Need to Love Myself

Try out this sequence from Jessamyn Stanley’s Every Body Yoga next time you feel like you need to show yourself a little extra love. 
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When it comes to asana practice, being alone on the yoga mat is frightening for many of us, because it’s an intense reminder of what it feels like to be lonely. Some of us refuse to be totally alone on our mats, and we prefer the company of our teachers and fellow students to help block out the corresponding sensations of loneliness. But I think that the time we spend alone on our mats is crucial on more than just one level. We are able to fully focus our attention and our intention, so that we are not distracted by the needs, wants, and opinions of others. In my own life, the time I’ve spent alone on my yoga mat has become more of an asset than anything else.

The following sequence, which incorporates a variety of different yoga props and bodily modifications, is all about self-love. In my humble opinion, no vigorous vinyasa-style yoga practice is complete without a series of cooling, restorative postures to round out your body conditioning. This sequence can stand by its lonesome or it can be paired with other sequences. Give yourself free rein to make the poses as restorative as you’d like by using the recommended props. Think of this sequence as a loving squeeze from the universe—the singular purpose is to simply make your body feel good.

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